Each time I try to come back to seventeen I have to take a step back because I feel like a pedophile

I’m really trying to get back into Seventeen, I promise!! Please be patient with me~ 

Each time I try to come back to seventeen I have to take a step back because I feel like a pedophile

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seungcheol displaying the bite mark doyoon gave him

[TRANS] [17’s Diary -Mingyu] 2013/07/06 ‘At the end I wasn’t able to carry youㅜㅜ’

The little kid wanted to practice… he stayed late with his hyungs and ended up sleeping in the corner. When you’re an elementary school student, it’s the time to want to play with your friends…ㅜㅜ But I’m so proud of our darling ‘Muel for wanting to stay late and practice dancing with his hyungs!! Hehe Later I’m gonna carry him all the way home!!

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junhui dancing to EXO’s wolf




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[17’s Diary - Soonyoung] 2013/06/30 ‘Muel-ah, it’s a ghost!’

Today, as I was taking Samuel home, I told him ghost stories.
Cute kid ㅋㅋㅋ He kept telling me to stop because he was scared ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Our Muel still can’t ride the elevator alone at night. That’s why on the days I take him home I always go with him up to the 6th floor. When our Muel grows up we won’t have to go with him, right?
It will all become memories….kyaa~~somehow it feels weird.


so its okay for a 6-year-old to audition for the xfactor and suddenly be thrust into this superstar life if they win, but its not okay for an 11year-old who has trained and lived with older trainees older than him who consider him a brother and take prime care of him to debut in a controlled environment okay well you know let me know how that works out for ya





and it ends just like that…

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